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Greenmaster is one of Australia’s most popular brands of lawn bowls and accessories, with a great range of options including entry level bowls and pro-level bowls used by men’s and ladies’ world champions. With a heritage that goes back to the home of bowls in the UK, the Australian branch of the Greenmaster brand was grown and protected by a local Queensland distributor, to keep the name and the distinctive style alive. Today, the Greenmaster range includes the Premier and the Super 10, which come in a range of colours. 

At Bowlers Barn we are happy to help you order the one that’s right for you; just contact us on (07) 4125 5385, email, or connect with us on Facebook. Don’t forget to check out our Bags category to find a matching bag to carry your new bowls!

Get the most from your bowls

If you want to get the best performance and life out of your Greenmaster bowls, it’s important to take care of them with the right high-end products and accessories. First, make sure you’ve got a great bag. If you don’t already have a bowls-specific bag, look for a model with separated sections or a heavy foam insert to keep them cushioned and separate. A coloured polish can help preserve and enhance the look of your Greenmaster bowls. Of course, grip or grip wax will ensure you’re able to make the most of the brand’s legendary balance and precision.