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Lawn Bowls Bags

Looking for the perfect lawn bowls bag/s to carry all your equipment and accessories? At The Bowler’s Barn, we stock a variety of bags perfectly designed and made for carrying all your essentials in complete comfort and security. Whether you prefer a carry bag, a trolley bag or a handbag, you’re sure to find something that suits your style. Choose from a wide range of different colours, finishing details, fabrics, capacities and more; from compact two-bowl insert carry bags to professional style trolley bags, we’ve got it all. Not sure what to pick?  see if you can find a bargain on the Monthly Specials page.

The Bowler’s Barn is happy to offer advice and assistance with lawn bowls bags over the phone, by email or through social media. We also provide prompt shipping and a generous returns policy for our customers’ peace of mind. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch.

What to look for when selecting your bag

Wondering what makes a bag practical and comfortable? Not particularly concerned about style or colour? Here are a few things you can keep in mind when browsing our lawn bowls bags.

Straps: On carry bags, look for wide straps made of fabric or woven corded material. Models with padding where the hand goes are even more comfy to carry

Compartments: In addition to carrying a certain number of bowls – usually 2 or 4 – most lawn bowls bags have extra compartments for other supplies. If you prefer to carry just one thing with you when you go to the green, choose one with slim compartments or sleeves for your phone, wallet, keys and accessories.

Fabric: Unlike regular luggage and backpacks, lawn bowls bags are generally made of lightweight woven synthetic material which is specially treated for water resistance. However, there will still be variations in texture and style. Look for breathability and subtle shine (too shiny and marks will appear more visible).